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Top 5 Best Aviation Schools in USA For International Students.

So, it’s your dream to become a pilot! That’s a noble profession that takes dedication, lots of work, and countless of hours of practice. It does bring back a lot of satisfaction, though. That is why we admire your desire and we wish you luck in this tiresome, yet amazing journey. But you might be wondering about pilot university in USA. After all, plenty of international students are turning towards the United States for education. This is why we present you this article today.

Are There Visa Requirements for Attending Pilot Universities in USA?

Yes, every international student that does not have an USA citizenship is required to have a student visa (M-1) in order to attend pilot training in the country. Pilot training cannot occur with B-1 or B-2 grade visa which are for tourists or for business.

I-20 form is required for M-1 visa to be issued if you do not reside in the USA. In many cases proof of financial ability must be shown due to the fact that M-1 visa does not allow you to work while training to be a pilot.


Usually, to attend pilot training USA, you’d need to be of minimum 17 years of age. High school diploma or the equivalent will also be required. Certain medical certificates must be needed. In the addition of an M-1 visa, you’d also need a valid passport. English language proficiency is required for all students who wish to attend pilot training in the country.

Generally, when you browse through colleges with flight schools or universities with designed flight programs, you’d see the financial requirements as well as any legal requirements. Those must be met in order for your application to be viewed and evaluated.

Another Consideration

When you check out pilot colleges in USA, you’d also want to take note of whether they give you just flight certifications or if they present you with a college degree, as well. Of course, the time necessary will vary but usually the programs that are with a degree are much better. Indeed, for those who are already in the possession of a degree in the higher education, simply pilot training programs will suffice.

Now, let us take the tour through the best pilot universities in USA!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Founded a while back, in 1926. Can be stated as the largest and oldest among flight universities in the country. It provides education for the pilot and tech professions. Gives international students an opportunity to train to fly. Located in Daytona Beach and Prescott, it can give you a pilot degree in with lots of designed flight time for aircraft machines. With latest state-of-art technology, labs, numerous facilities, and brilliant instruction, Embry-Riddle provides international students with the means to reach success in their chosen industry.

Epic Flight Academy

Proclaimed to be a top best flight school of the country, Epic Flight Academy welcomes international students. It has trained thousands of pilots. The Academy presents many programs, including such that give you a college degree. It is verified pilot training school whose alumni are well-developed professionals in many countries (as essay companies at ABC15 Arizona can tell us – this is a tell-tale sign of the school being a top-notch institution in flight industry).

Kingsky Flight Academy

Here comes a Florida-based flight academy that stands tall and experienced with more than 60 years of being a great institution in flight education. In 2019 it was given the award of ‘Best Flight School (Southern Region)’ – another great sign that they certainly know what they’re doing. It has both private or commercial flight programs, together with professional pilot programs, and technical ones. As an international student, you’d be welcomed here to study to become a world-class pilot. The Academy can aid you with state-of-art technology, amazing instruction by selected professionals, and lots of flight time.

Ohio State University

The Ohio State aviation program started in 1917 and now can brag about being one of the best. Comes with both core courses, and some electives to diversify your overall aviation education. The training fleet can also brag a lot – thanks to its more than 7,000 yearly hours of flight time. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the OSU even operates an airport and it’s among the busiest ones in the state. Great aviation program that trains both residing US citizens, and international students.

Purdue University

Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, the institution of Purdue University is a great player in the USA and offers instruction, training, and educational programs in its School of Aviation. With half a dozen programs in aviation, it presents students with education grounded in real-world projects. The syllabus also includes extensive practical training and lots of flight time.


When aspiring to be a marvelous pilot, well, top flight education is a must. Of course, in your country there might not be a lot of choices to pick from and they may be less than desirable for you. So, there’s always the option to study abroad at a renowned college or university that offers a top-notch level of education and flight training. Such are offered all around Europe and in the USA, too.

In this article we tried to present you with some data on what would be necessary to attend flight college or university in the USA, as well as with the main institutions that are known to present instruction of high quality, coupled with great hands-on experience. For pilot degrees the practical part is always one of the main aspects that need consideration when applying. You should make sure the university you attend offers an extensive practical element with lots of flight time and a good base ground of theoretical courses. Make sure to browse the universities, check their syllabus, see what accreditation they have, what degrees do they offer, and what are their requirements for international students to attend flight courses and degree programs. Make your choice carefully and after the needed consideration for picking your flight school needs to be a throughout decision because it affects your future career development.

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