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Top 20 Colleges With The Hottest Girls

Have you ever wondered which Colleges With The Hottest Girls? Or always wished to attend one? Often when applying for college, we put into consideration factors such as tuition, acceptance rate, academic programs, and the institution’s reputation. It is also essential to look out for student lifestyle.

Everyone wants to attend a school with a good social life, sports activities, and of course hot girls. However, there are several prestigious colleges with hot and attractive girls. These girls are exceptional in various aspects of academics, sports, empowerment, et al. Most male wants a girlfriend who they can brag about and be proud of, but let’s not indulge so much in a relationship.

This article is set to educate you on the qualities of a hot girl and top colleges that has the hottest girls. Enjoy!

Qualities of a Hot College Girl

Being called a hot girl isn’t just about a dazzling body and a pretty face. Several qualities make a girl “Hot” and below you will find some of these qualities.

  • Ambition
  • Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Charisma
  • Fashion
  • Kindness

Ambition: Being ambitious is one of the qualities a hot girl should possess. She is passionate about her goals and aspirations and is more likely to excel in whatever she found herself doing either Career or Business. This makes her a goal-getter. Investing in her self-improvement and personal growth is also a set goal for her. Most men and even society derive pride in ambitious women.

Intelligence: Intelligence entails being smart and well educated and intelligent women are always attractive. As an intelligent lady, you depict a sense of

Confidence: Being confident indicates comfort, boldness, and the capacity to stand strong in difficult situations regardless of others’ opinions. This also makes you a hot girl, as you are resilient and optimistic which introduces you to great opportunities.

Charisma: This is the ability to influence positively. As a hot girl having good charisma is a top quality that attracts every individual. You have a great personality which includes connecting with people, open-mindedness, being a good listener and has to engage in discussions.

Fashion: Having a unique and stylish sense of fashion is also an essential quality of a Hot girl. Your appearance matters a lot and hot girls understand this very well. A girl with a fantastic fashion style isn’t afraid of trying out new styles and she is always on the lookout for new trends. She is admirable, interesting, and attractive to all.

Kindness: One other quality is Kindness. A kind girl is considered hot because she is compassionate and empathetic. A kind girl is easy to befriend and is also attractive.

List of the 20 Colleges with the Hottest Girls

Here is a list of the Top 20 colleges with the hottest girls:

Top 20 Colleges with the Hottest College Girls

#1. University of Miami, Florida

The university has a total of 54 percent female students. The girls at the University of Miami are sure a top pick when it comes to beauty and brains. Beyond academic excellence, the university girls stand out in every other aspect and this includes women’s sports.

They are philanthropic, smart, and maintain a high level of intelligence. I would say these girls have outstanding and unique personalities which makes them Hot.

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#2. University of California, Berkley

Another college with the hottest girls is UC, Berkley. Ranking among the world’s top universities. In basketball, the women’s basketball team is spurring high and has played tournaments at the NCAA with 3 championships won consecutively.

An empowerment program known as the Girls Teaching Girls To code (GTC) is organized to educate young high school girls on the fundamentals of coding including other events to inspire them and advance their knowledge of the Tech world. Technology is advancing and lots of individuals are upskilling to catch up with the current trend. UC girls are doing a great job enriching societies.

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#3. Arizona State University

Arizona state university not only has beautiful and hot girls, they also have the best female athletic team called the Sun Devils. They have won the NCAA championship in several sports and their athletic team comprises 13 NCAA female champions. More so, they have a good voluntary spirit and have impacted greatly their society through community service, charity, and assisting healthcare units when necessary.

ASU has notable alumni in every part of the nation making waves for themselves. Some of these alumni are philanthropists, artists, health personnel, Tv presenter, and so many more. We have the likes of Barbara Barret, Melissa Clinton, Reka Cseresnyes, Christine Devine, and Ayo Tometi.

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#4. University of Florida

Among the university with the hottest girl, the University of Florida girls beat your imagination. Stunning, goal-getters, smart, and good athletic ability are some of the features of these female students.

In addition, these girls are passionate about a charity which is why they organize a fundraising event called the Dance Marathon to help raise funds for charity. The University of Florida has 11 women’s sports teams and has won the National championship in the last two years.

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#5. University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California is exceptional and memorable. Because of the sunny nature of California and the beaches that surround the university, these girls strive at beach volleyball.

You will see them all about in their bikinis. They also perform excellently at other sports and have emerged several times as NCAA champions. The university has 14 sororities and has impacted tremendously to society.

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#6. Pepperdine University

The girls at Pepperdine University are not just excel academically, they are particular about impacting lives and giving out to their society. The female students depict the name of the school as Beauty meets sports in this institution, allow me to say that these girls are on fire, and their significant location gives them away.

The female basketball team is making waves and has won championships. They offer their hand of charity through donations and St. Jude is one of their beneficiaries with a sum of 10 million dollars donated in two years.

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#7.University of Southern California

Imagine having a girlfriend who has a unique and dynamic personality as well as socializing and academic sound, It is amazing, right? Female students at the University of Southern California are beautiful and attractive, and even more sizzling hot when it comes to athletics, volunteering, and contributing to community growth.

Part of their community outreach includes providing meals and health screening for women in their community, educating them on the benefits of proper healthcare, and many more. They are a full package. Winning over 26 National championships, their women’s sports team had the highest athletic GPA.

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#8. Texas Christian University

With TCU girls, you’re sure to have a good first impression which makes it fun and exciting to be with. Amidst social activities and partying, they excel academically.

Texas girls are stunning and fascinating, they attract lots of visitors and the feeling of interacting with them continually is often felt by most individuals. Though they don’t a minimum GPA to get accepted, they have a 10 percent of the high graduating class. The majority of its students are from California.

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#9. East Carolina College

This is one of the colleges with the hottest girls. Socializing and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds is most likely a thing for East Carolina college girls although in a good way.

They organize the most significant Halloween parties in human existence, where you get to interact with elegant, pretty, and intelligent girls. Alumni from the university are not exempted from this event. Of all the weekends, the pirates consider Halloween weekend to be the most significant one.

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#10. University of Alabama

Alabama has one of the most well-kept and stunning campuses. With over 55 percent of females and 45 percent of males, you’re definitely going to find interesting, vibrant, and intellectual girls.

One exciting day to find these ladies is Wine Wednesday where students get to drink as much wine as they want. The Crimson Tide women’s basketball coached by Kristy Curry has played in 10 NCAA Basketball tournaments. They also have a women’s wheelchair basketball program which began in 2003.

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#11. Pennsylvania State University

The university’s female students are extremely enthusiastic and they engage in humanitarian and career development activities. Some of their regular activities include tutorials, talk shows, Resume writing seminars, and women empowerment week. The female basketball team called Lady Lions is the 12th program in NCAA. Notable alumni include WCBA’s first-team All-Americans Suzie McConnell, Susan Robinson, Helen Darling, and Kelly Mazzante.

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#12. Chapman University

Chapman has beautiful, hot, and ambitious girls. Chapman University is known as a highly prestigious university with over 5,000 undergraduate students. The university is situated in a very fascinating environment surrounded by beaches and most of all Disneyland. Chapman university girls are well-grounded academically but not so good with athletics.

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#13. Brigham Young University

This is a private research university in the heart of Provo. Brigham girls are intelligent, attractive, and well-polished. They folks enjoy having fun and making new friends. A great number of elites are alumni of this great university.

There are many extremely smart students in the university most of them are comfortable socializing. Often times the university is visited because of its friendly nature.

#14. Howard University

Another university with the hottest girls is Howard university which has over more than 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university has a total is 71 percent females. When it comes to fashion, Howard girls are trendy, classy, and very fashionable.

Fashion is a significant thing at the university and these girls understand that very well. However, these are highly intelligent as fashion and trends aren’t a hindrance to their career. You might want to make a quick stop at the university if you seek a girlfriend that is classy and smart.

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#15. Colgate University

Colgate university expect the best of girls, they are smart, confident, intelligent and fun to be with. Additionally, while maintaining a healthy social life, Colgate girls ensure also that career and aspirations are not affected nor truncated. Looking for polished girls then Colgate university is the right college to get one.

However, Colgate university girls are doing excellently in their world of sports. Their hockey team has won the NCAA championship and also made program history in the 2017-18 seasons.

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#16. Vanderbilt of University

Beauty, Class, Elegance, a great sense of style, and a love for Fashion are the qualities of a Vanderbilt University girl. These girls are attractive and friendly. With a great sense of fashion style, they do make sure to leave you impressed with their dressing. A Vanderbilt girl is always admirable by all, this attracts lots and lots of visitors to the university.

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#17. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is a great college with a large number of female students. These females are smart, intellectual, and attractive. Though they are committed to their studies, they still find out time to party and socialize. Although they possess a tough and arrogant nature, they are also sweet-loving girls.

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#18. Mississippi State University

This is also a top college with the hottest girls. With over 23,086 students, Mississippi State University is one of the top Universities in the State and has a total of 50 percent female students. The female basketball team known as the Bulldogs has won several NCAA championships and played in the Southeastern Conference. They have 14 Sororities. These females are vibrant, intellectual, friendly, and social.

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#19. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is perfect for finding hot girls who are down to Earth, have great personalities, are enthusiastic, and are fun-filled. They possess a great sense of humor. However, in the world of football, you will be greatly amazed at the extent of their knowledge and passion.

It is always fascinating having a girlfriend who has so much interest in football as much as you do hence the University of Georgia girls is your go-to girl if you desire one.

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#20. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University girls have a welcoming spirit and are fun to be with. They are talented and cheerful, there’s never a boring moment with these ladies.

If you have a thing for cheerleaders, then the Louisiana State Cheerleaders team known as the Tigers is your best pick. More so, there are tons of events from concerts to sports activities that can create a chance of interacting with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which profession has the most gender?

It is no doubt that males are topping the chart in some profession such as engineering, piloting, Transportation etc. The female gender are dominating in professions such as business, fashion, child care, banking, Nursing, management, psychology etc.

What are the best courses for college girls?

If you’re deciding which course to study, here are some best courses for college girls. Nursing, Marketing, Psychology, Business, Fashion and Management

Top 5 college that has the highest female population?

Colleges with the highest population include the University of Phoenix-Arizona, Ivy Tech community college, Grand Canyon University, Liberty University, and Walden University


With the list of colleges listed above, I’m positive in all certainty, you must have made a list of colleges with the hottest girls you would love to attend or visit.  And while doing so, you’ve been able to understand that being identified as a Hot girl entails a lot more than being pretty and having a great body. There’s a lot more to look out for when looking for a hot girlfriend as a guy.

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