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Sorbonne University Acceptance Rate in 2023

Have you been searching for the best university in Europe with a good reputation and high acceptance rate, Sorbonne University Acceptance Rate is the perfect option for you.

Sorbonne University is a French public research university established in the mid-13th century. It’s one of the oldest universities in Europe with a large student enrollment.

Everything you need to know about Sorbonne University has been discussed in this article. You will find the requirements for international students and scholarships that will benefit undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Attending a prestigious university anywhere in the world is always expensive but, at Sorbonne University it is different.

More about Sorbonne University

Before the merging of a few institutions in 2018, Sorbonne University’s history dates back to the 13th century. In 1257, Robert de Sorbonne found the Sorbonne College as a portion of the University of Paris.

Established in 1257, Sorbonne University (Sorbonne Université in French) is a public research institution located in the city of Paris, France. In 2018, the institution was officially established by the merger of Paris Sorbonne University and Pierre et Marie Curie University.

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Sorbonne University Campuses


The Jessieu campus is the largest campus of Sorbonne University and it is also named officially as Pierre and Marie Curie campus. The Faculty of Science can be found at the Jessieu campus.

The campus’s main part is the Gril d’ Albert built in 1964 and was renovated from 1996 to 2016.

Maison de la Recherche

The institution’s central building for doctoral studies is the Maison de la Recherche campus which holds the geography and history departments. The Serpente Library with 55,000 works and 292 past & current French and international periodicals is all contained on the campus.

Sorbonne University Programs

Sorbonne University provides a variety of courses to both domestic and international students. The institution has a program structure divided academically into three separate segments and the programs are delivered both in English and French.

The three academic segments are the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Letters, and the College of Medicine.

Sorbonne University Rankings

According to U.S News and World Report, Sorbonne University occupies the 48th position in Best Global Universities.

Overall Sorbonne University Rankings

  • 48th Best Global University
  • 12th Best Global University on the European Continent
  • 1st in Best Global University in France

Sorbonne University is currently ranked 60th on the world list of 100 top universities according to QS World University Rankings. The French public research university is also ranked 90th in World University Rankings (Times Higher Education)

Sorbonne University Acceptance Rate

Now let us discuss your chances of getting into Sorbonne University.

Most of the top public universities in Europe are usually selective when it comes to admission. Some of Europe’s finest public universities admit below 25% of applicants, and there are also other universities with a more selective acceptance rate, but not Sorbonne.

The acceptance rate at Sorbonne University is 100%. The institution has shown the ability to accommodate a large number of students, with 42,330 currently enrolled in various programs.

Also, the presence of international students can be noticed at Sorbonne, with 8,743 which accounts for 20.6% of the entire student population.

The acceptance rate at Sorbonne University makes it a preferred destination for international students.

However, there are a few requirements for international students to meet, which include submission of official transcripts, financial documents, GPA, and course-specific requirements before they can apply for programs at Sorbonne University.

Sorbonne University is an institution located in France, so French is the language of instruction in classes. International students applying to higher education are expected to have good skills or knowledge of French.

If you are an international student who wants to attend Sorbonne, it is highly recommended that you have grades of a B2 or C1 level in French. The Department of Medicine requires all international applicants to have a mandatory C1 level in French.

So if you are an international aspirant of Sorbonne University, you can start taking French lessons and gather all the necessary documents mentioned above. The Sorbonne University acceptance rate should be the least of your worries.

Sorbonne University Admission Process

The admission process at Sorbonne University requires all applicants to apply and confirm the selected degree program first before they can be admitted into a program.

Steps of application

  • Application portal- All applicants from countries outside the European continent, partnering with Campus France are expected to apply through the ‘Study in France’ section of the Campus France official website.
  • CVEC fees- €92

Sorbonne University Admission Requirements

Below are the basic requirements generally for admission and course-specific admissions for international students.

Since Sorbonne University has a less competitive acceptance rate, providing the following should not be a problem.

  • Your academic transcript from high school or college.
  • The application form (properly filled).
  • CVEC certificate.
  • An access ticket.
  • Health insurance.
  • Certificate of receipt of the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC). CVEC’s fee is €92 and it is set up by the French legislation “Orientation and Success of Students” and requires mandatory payment during registration.
  • Registration fee of €100 in three instalments.
  • B2 or C1 level in French.

There are some program-specific requirements for international students at Sorbonne University. The admission requirements for the College of Science and Technology are

  • Proof registration MoveON (French or English)
  • PDF of printed application
  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Schools official transcripts
  • An official identity photo with a 35×45 mm size
  • LOR

Student eligibility requirements

  • Must be in pursuit of a degree within the College of Arts and Science
  • You must complete a minimum of one at IUB before enrolling abroad
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above

Sorbonne University Cost of Attendance

Besides having an acceptance rate of 100%, Sorbonne University provides undergraduate and graduate education at an affordable rate.

There are no tuition fees for both domestic and international students at Sorbonne University. However, there is a mandatory registration fee to be paid before gaining admission to Sorbonne University.

Below is the average cost of attendance for 2022/2023

  • Registration fees Bachelor’s: €170
  • Registration fees Masters: €243.
  • Registration fees Engineering: €601.
  • Registration fees PhD: €380
  • CVEC fees: €92
  • Tuition fees: €100
  • Transport: €450
  • Accommodation: €4,509
  • Health insurance €500

Sorbonne University Registration Procedures for International Students

This information is for international students that wish to apply as an individual to a degree program for the 2023/2024 academic year at Sorbonne University.

Pre-admission applications

White and green files

  • 1st of October 2023 – Campaign starts
  • 15th of December 2022- Deadline for application to the ECF (Campus France)
  • 1st of February 2023- Deadline for interviews at the ECF with the indication of SCAC opinions
  • 31st of March 2023- Deadline for educational commissions and exemptions from the institutions- institution decisions
  • 1st of May 2023- Deadline for embassy exemption fees /scholarships
  • 15th of May 2023- Deadline for student decision

Excluding prior applications for admission

  • 1st of October 2022- Campaign starts
  • 1st January 2023- Deadline for application to the ECF
  • 1st of March 2023- Deadline for interviews at the ECF and an indication of SCAC opinions
  • 31st of March 2023- Deadline for the pedagogical commission of the institutions- Decision of the institution
  • 15th of April 2023- Deadline for embassy exemption commissions/scholarships
  • 1st of May 2023- Deadline for exemption commission /institution scholarships
  • 15th of May 2023- Student decision deadline

Get more information on the Campus France website.

Please note that the application procedures to follow are strictly based on

  • Your nationality
  • The country where you procured your bachelor’s degree or high school diploma
  • Country of resident
  • The actual year of the degree program you intend to apply

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Sorbonne University Tuition Fees for International Students

The tuition fee for international students enrolled in bachelor’s programs is not more than $1,000 annually and the same amount applies to those enrolled in master’s programs.

The institution is very affordable which explains why International students make up 20.6% of the student population.

Below is the cost of tuition fees based on the program. The tuition cost is fixed based on the period of the student’s selected program.

  • Diploma in intensive French ( 1 Year). Estimated amount- $13,271
  • Diploma in intensive French – Evening Courses (2 Years). Estimated amount- $20,002
  • All Bachelor’s Program (3 years). Estimated amount- $58,615
  • Master in Applied Foreign Languages: Specialty Management and International Business (2 Years). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Master in Applied Sociological Research (2 Years). Estimated amount- $39,077
  • Master in Banking and Finance: Law and Regulations of Banking and Financial System (2 Years). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Master in Environment: Dynamics of Territories and Societies(2 Years). Estimated amount- $48,478
  • Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies (2 Years). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Master in Health Economics (2 Years). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Master in History of Arts and Museum Studies (2 Years). Estimated amount- $51,612
  • Master in International Business Law (2 Years). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Master in International Law, International Relations, and Diplomacy (2 Years). Estimated amount- 45,344
  • Master in Marketing, Management, Communication, Media (18 Months). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language (2 Years). Estimated amount- $35,943
  • Master in Urban Planning and Development(18 Months). Estimated amount- $45,344
  • Executive Diploma in Sports Management (1 Year). Estimated amount- $14,350
  • Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management. Estimated amount- $8,170


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships at Sorbonne University

Below are some of the undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships at Sorbonne University. These scholarships are all available for selection.

John S. Linakis Scholarship by AIFS Foundation.

  • The Amount for the Scholarship- $5,000
  • Eligibility- United States of America citizens only

Education Future International Scholarship

  • The Amount for the Scholarship- 2 lacs to 10 lacs
  • Eligibility- Indian citizens with a valid Indian passport

A minimum score of 60% in their 10th and 12th Postgraduate

Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students

  • Master monthly allowance- €1,181
  • PhD monthly allowance- €1,400 to €1,700
  • Eligibility- All Masters’s students must be 25 years old or below and PhD students must be 30 years or below

PhilFrance Scholarships

  • An exemption from paying university registration fees
  • A monthly allowance of €700
  • Health care package
  • Housing facilities
  • Roundtrip flight from the Philippines capital Manila to France
  • An exemption from paying visa application fees
  • Eligibility- For Filipino residents in the Philippines and graduates or graduating students of higher education in the Philippines
  • Degree offered- Masters’s degree

PhilfFrance -DOST Scholarships

  • Monthly living allowance
  • A roundtrip ticket
  • Allowance for relocation
  • Pre-travel expenses
  • An exemption from paying registration fees
  • Health care package
  • Housing facilities
  • An exemption from paying visa fees
  • Eligibility – For Filipinos not above the age of 50 must be pursuing important fields of study. They are also required to possess a higher education diploma recognized by the government of their county and pass the requirements set up by Sorbonne for graduate studies. Some interviews and screenings must also be passed.
  • Degree offered- Masters and PhD

Financing and Grant at Sorbonne University

Students with financial challenges can be assisted by Sorbonne University based on their situation

  • Ad hoc assistance
  • Exceptional refunds of registration fees
  • A refund of registration fees for students with scholarships

For more details, students can check with the services of their faculty.

Please note all links are in French.

Sorbonne University Address

  • School Address: 21, rue de l’école de médecine 75006 Paris

Visit the offocial website of Sorbonne University for more information.


Sorbonne University is an institution designed to accommodate students from all over Europe and the entire world. Since the 13th century when it was just a college to date, there has been a massive development in the institution.

The Sorbonne University acceptance rate of 100% attracts international students to the school. The few requirement mostly for international students is to show proficiency in French.


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