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Top 5 of the Best Colleges in Canada for International Students

After living in Canada for a while and enjoying its pleasant lifestyle, These are among Best Colleges in Canada for International Students knowing its landscapes and multiple entertainment alternatives, it’s normal for you to fall in love with this  destination and want to extend your stay a bit more.

You may be surprised, if it is possible to continue studying in Canada as an international student to continue your experience in this amazing country. You should know that one of the best ways to extend your stay is through a study program, but choosing the best institution for you can be difficult.

For this reason, we bring you this list of the best Colleges in Canada, ideal for international students where you will get to know more about each of them to make the right decision.

Below are The Best Colleges in Canada to Pursue

1. Centennial College

Best Colleges in Canada

Centennial College is located in Toronto and is the first community college in Ontario. It opened its doors in 1966 and is an institution recognized for its multiculturalism with almost 100 etnocultural groups and 80 languages spoken on its campuses.

At the 5 campuses of Centennial College are offered programs from its 8 schools: business, arts, aviation, tourism, engineering, etc. You can find full-time, part-time or virtual programs.

On the other hand, it’s noteworthy that you will find about 9000 international students in this institution. Definitely, a place where you can find people from all over the world. More information click here Centennial College – Centennial College

2. George Brown College


This college is also located in Toronto, it has full-time, part-time and continuing education programs that are adaptable to your availability and allow you to combine classes with a part-time job.

George Brown College is in partnerships with companies and organizations, which play a role in the academic life by advising the course curriculum, providing employment-friendly training.

With this partnership between the College and companies, they ensure that training meets the needs of the industry and enables them to acquire skills that are highly wanted in today’s job market. Fore information read on George Brown College

3. Seneca College

This institution has graduated thousands of students since it opened in 1967. Seneca College promotes enriching learning opportunities, it stands out for its CO-OP programs.

Seneca College offers programs in various areas of study such as: engineering, business, health, science, arts, etc. In them, they prepare their students for a successful professional future.

In this college, you will find all kinds of services for international students. From support in accommodation and accommodation processes, to orientation and extracurricular activities.

Find out more about: Myths and truths about studying at a public college in Canada.

4. Mohawk College

Best Colleges in Canada

It was founded in 1967 and today, it’s among the best institutions in the country in applied research. Mohawk College provides students with collaborative project spaces supported by teachers and industry partners.

It offers programs at all levels for areas of: business, technology, health, community services, etc. You will have a choice.

On the other hand, Mohawk College is an institution fully prepared to receive international students. It has accompaniment, academic support, health insurance, accommodation alternatives, awards, among others. More information click here Mohawk College

5. Georgian College

Georgian College is located in Ontario and stands out especially for its CO-OP programs, as it has 6,200 partner companies to employ students. In fact, they focus a lot on international students, receiving nearly 3,600 each year from 85 different countries.

For accommodation in this canadian College, they have different options, so it will be easier to find one that suits your needs.

With classes up to 26 people per classroom and 88 educational programs, its academic offer and learning dynamics make this institution an interesting alternative. More information click here Georgian College: Accelerate your success

Why do the students prefer these Best Colleges in Canada?

For our list we have chosen 5 Canadian Colleges among the ones most chosen by international students. You may wonder, what makes them stand out among Canada’s great academic offers, well here will give you some reasons.

They are very well positioned

These 5 colleges in Canada are in the highest positions in terms of student satisfaction, technology, sustainability and quality of their educational programs.

All of them have resources to support the integration of international students and facilities to combine training with professional experience and alternatives to extend their stay in Canada with postgraduate jobs.

They have outstanding programs

The offer of educational programs is quite wide, although it varies somewhat between some institutions and others. However, science and technology majors can be found, as well as literature and social sciences or even art. 

Therefore, whatever the profession of your interest, you can find a training program that suits your preferences.

Provide academic and professional assistance

As we have mentioned before, these colleges are concerned with the well-being of their students and offer different means to advise and guide them.

You will receive support from adaptation to the country to entering the job market. This will allow you to prosper professionally and continue expanding your academic training.

Conclusion on the Best Colleges in Canada

As you can see, once you have your study visa in Best Colleges in Canada, a huge world of possibilities opens up to continue developing your professional career and prolong your stay in this destination.

Knowing the best colleges is the first step to make the right decision, whether your intention is to stay working in the country, or return to yours, here you will find all kinds of academic alternatives and benefits that will allow you to cover your expenses and spend more time in Canada.

Boosting your professional project in this destination and extending your time of stay is only possible if you prepare to do so. At Information Planet we can solve all your doubts and help you in this process for free. You’re not alone!

If you found this article interesting, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks so that other international students in Canada can take advantage of it. Talk soon!

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